Emo Will One Day Rule the Earth

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Anonymous said…
Florida emo may be different because nobody is actually from Florida. Who knows where our nonsense comes from? One thing is for sure though, Fall Out Boy gets props down here, at least they get tons of airplay and get requests all the time.

The best description I ever heard for emo is that it's like goth, but where goth kids will actually sometimes take their own lives, emo kids will gently prick themselves with a safety pin and then go off and write angst filled poetry about their failed suicide attempt.

The best definitions of emo are on urbandictionary.com "punk music on estrogen." "An entire subculture...with fake personality." I always go with urbandictionary for this stuff, it's usually got the national feel down pat.

Anyway, so yeah, Fallout Boy is alright and also, I seem to have lost my train of thought. ;) Later!