Back Injuries Make Me Faint

As noted in a previous post (fact number four to be specific), back injuries are my Achilles Heel. Throw an injured spine in my direction and I will fall and be no more. Beat me with that injured spine...

I decided to go into detail and post it on the official My Bucket of Parts website. I was at the Starbucks yesterday (awaiting return to my house for a surprise birthday, I will post about that later) and I decided to be a cliche' and write at the coffee shop since I had actually pay for the Internet Wi-Fi.

If you go to a T-Moblie Hotspot, be prepared to pay -- unless you already do as a member.

So, instead of searching the web and catching up on all the blogs I've missed out this past week, I decided to add to my own content.

Please click here to understand my un-affinity for back injuries.