Yesterday was the day to get married. If you didn't set your wedding for the Lucky 7's, your marriage will burn in hell!

Or not.

Friends of mine got married yesterday, but they didn't plan for it to be on the "lucky" day. They wanted it to be two weeks earlier, but what-evah. The ceremony was simple, but elegant. Probably the best wedding I've been to (minus my own...and mine was pretty damn good).

But people don't realize that Steph and I were engaged for two years (she completed her Masters in that time), and during those two years we went to countless weddings. The good part about that was we could take notes and realize what worked and what didn't. Sadly, most of the ceremonies blew stank into wedding tradition air.

One was an outdoor ceremony. I sat there, sweating, while a mound of bugs decided to have air sex in front of me. Every two seconds I swatted the darting dots with my hand and they would just zip right back in front of my nose. The minister was all "blah, blah, blah...I have no good personal stories to talk about" and "do you take Fudd Magoo to be your awfully wedded husband?" and I yawned some bugs in.

There was one on New Year's Eve (something we wanted to do), but at that point in the game, we promised each other that we would go to no more weddings until our own. So we nixed that one.

So, as wedding season continues pray for some good ones, and if they are bad, hopefully they are really, really bad. We all need something to talk about.


C Merry said…
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.
Epimenides said…
I just realised that I haven't been to any weddings recently, and I have this nagging feeling I'm forgetting something today... :)
Rebecca said…
The last wedding I attended, my husband officiated--funny story. Thanks for bringing it to mind...
Anonymous said…
I really love those outdoor July weddings where the cake melts and everyone sweats off their eyeliner/guyliner. By the way, Plain White T's...so friggin EMO! ;)