"Summer Nights" at the IMA

Last night we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art's "Summer Nights." It's an event they been doing for a couple of years now where they set up a large screen in their ampitheater, and we all bring drinks and food in the early evening and then at dusk the movie starts. Then the insects come and eat flesh, so your forced to put on a sweatshirt, even though it's not that cool out. Then the insects find their way into the sweatshirt and start chewing on more flesh, pulling at arm hair and finding a way inside.

Ahh. Summer events that take place outside. Last night we watched "Airplane!" Drank Sangria. Ate chicken salad. Went into the museum to check out the contemporary wing. Got lost because we couldn't find a way to the third floor. Got creeped out by the RothStauffenberg exhibit.

It had an aire of Asheville, NC. A town I visited my senior year and fell in love with. My goal: to end up there one day, perhaps move into the Biltmore Estate and raid their wine collection. Asheville has small city appeal with a wide-range of artisitic awesomeness (for lack of a French phrase that I could not find to sound intelligent).

Last night, it was a clear blue sky, in an area that was full of lush greenery, nothing looked overly dried out -- compared to normal neighborhoods (due to the lack of rain this season -- damn you Farmer's Almanac for being right!).

Today's artisitic adventure: Downtown to Talbot Street Art Fair.