Happy Asian Front Yard Art

The man that owned the house before us, well, he and his wife had unusual taste. It's all Greecian statues in the backyard (they will soon be leaving us, thank God). But in the front yard we are blessed with random pieces of Asian-fused Stone art:

The Happy Buddha Protecting Weeds
Monster Taking a Huge DumpPagoda 1
Pogoda 2
Bush As Bonsai Tree


Musica said…
Nice sculptures.
Thanks for visiting my journal (I don't like the term "blog"); thought I'd return the favor.

I'll be sure to check in!

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Man, those are great. I got a similar pagoda and some small clay Chinese dudes the same way. It's weird how this stuff gets passed around. Mystical Asian Mojo or something. Watch out for that crapping beast; yikes!

PS: I had to delete the last post due to accidentally released secrets of a national security type nature. ;)