Gundi Bear and Humphrey Fun Fact #4

Everybody has a fascination with llamas, so the two friends got together and started searching online for some great facts about lllamas.

Fun Fact #4
Llamas are remarkably clean, and even large herds are quite odorless. Dung-piling behavior is an important means of spatial orientation and territorial marking for these historically open habitat animals, and a convenience when you clean their pens. By taking advantage of this habit you can encourage your animals to establish dung piles in a new pen by "prebaiting" four to five sites per acre with a shovel full of Ilama pellets. You may frequently see your llama rolling in the dirt, taking a dust bath to help maintain a healthy, fluffy coat of wool.


Anonymous said…
I am so glad I'm not a llama. Though we may share some habits and traits.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha! TAG! You're it! I've tagged you for 8 Random Facts About Me. What you've got to do now is post 8 random facts about Uncle Phatato and then tag 8 other people. I cheated and only tagged 3. I know you're just loving me right now. Am I right???

Later. :)

Unknown said…
I'll keep this in mind the next time I go shopping for a pet ;)
Anonymous said…
I wanna LLama too! Oh, just dropping in. Gotten good raves (vibes) from the likes of FB! and others. So thought I'd pop in.
David: But I don't know that many bloggers to tag...
random magus + jyankee: Thanks for stopping by. If you ever want to "awww" at a good picture, Google baby llamas. They are ad-or-ab-le.