Goodwill Scavenging

At Goodwill today, we were looking for table-like structures to begin construction for a laundry designated area in the garage (yes, we are unlucky to have the washer and dryer in the garage).

Instead we found:

A portable DVD player for $10.99 in good condition. We opted for that instead of the bread maker.

iPod covers for my 30G to keep it looking sleek and awesome for $2

Birthday gifts for my siblings-in-law, which I can't mention in case they read this. If you are reading this, GOD we spent a lot of money on you!

Two 10 ft. USB chords to hook our printers up, because we moved our office around months ago and we've been needing longer USB chords. Those were purchased for a grand total of $4.

Oo-ee shut my mouth, slap your grandma! were those good deals.


Anonymous said…
Awesome finds! A friend of mine just gave me a Shocking Roulette (think Russian Roulette but with electric shocks instead of bullets). He got 3 of them for eighty cents.
Rebecca said…
I just got a fantastic little black dress for 10 bucks at the good will. Wearing it on my looks awesome. Gonna go get some wine glasses, too. Go through them at an alarming rate!!!