We Found a Baby Bunny: Day Two

And so the bunny (I named herAhmi) stayed in the shoebox overnight. After we researched what a nest looked like, it popped out at Steph the next day. There was gray rabbit hair all over the place and a little circle of twigs, leaves and dead grass.

It was obvious once we knew what we were looking for, but since the bunny had been picked up by the ferocious Fauna Leena (it said on a Web site that cats kill, but dogs try to play with the little animals -- so Fauna isn't a killer! Just a bit large for a play-date with a 3-day-old bunny baby).

*ring* "Mrs. Bunny?...yes...I'm fine as well...Our 10-month-old, 40 lb. Austrialian Cattle Dog would love to come over and play with Ahmi. What? Ahmi's eyes aren't even open yet? Oh, I hope Fauna will be patient and gentle with her very sharp puppy teeth..."

So, I put on my Baby Bunny Gloves and took little Ahmi out of the box and ever-so-gently, with the touch of Angel Soft toilet paper, placed him in the warm center of his nest. He snuggled right in. Steph placed twigs over the top, so when we check it on Monday we will know if Mrs. Bunny came to its rescue. We went outside right before dark to see how it was doing and all we saw was the pink of it's little inner ear. The twigs had yet to be disturbed.