We Found a Baby Bunny: Day Three

After a day full of anticipation and asking myself were those twigs we placed over the nest moved? I got home from track and Steph said the nest was empty.

Ahmi was gone.

The nest, with all the gray mother-bunny hair, was strewn about in the leaves and dirt. Grass pieces and twigs were amess. We knew a nest had once been there, but a regular pedestrian of the non-bunny kind would not have known. We leaned over to see if we saw little ears, still pink after four days. Little closed eyes. That twitchy little nose. We used a small stick to move around the browned nest pieces, but there was no Ahmi.

I do hope that mother came and saved it. I do hope Ahmi doesn't hold a grudge toward Fauna. I'm not sure when, but I hope to hear from Ahmi.