If I was stuck in a small padded room, a bit smudged and filthy, with a Swiffer or an oMop, I think I would choose the unknown oMop.

I am against filth (or better known as part of a community that's against dirty), but have learned to live with it a little more since I've been constantly gone. Track season has taken me away from my house and my cleaning practices have been put on pause. The bathroom's not picked up as much as I want. The dog hair is collecting and creating Phillipes around the living room. The porch, which was spring-cleaned over spring break, has collected bits and pieces from outside (the cold snap that flowed through mid-April stopped me from even trying to pick up the porch).

So, with all this dirty piling up, I went to Target, spent some of my $100 gift card and shopped for a new cleaning product I've had my eye on for the last few months.

You mean, you actually spend great gift money on a cleaning product?

Give me my iPod, turn on Fall Out Boy's "Inifinity On High" (I'll be talking about that later) and whip out a new cleaning product (or any cleaning product) and I'm off on a vacation. I fall under the type of personality that finds cleaning as a stress relieving activity. Call me weird, but I can't wait to buy cleaning products. What? Pink Grapefruit dish soap, let me have it! The Carpet Flicker from Swiffer? I don't have carpet, but I want to try it! I'm convinced that the Dyson sweeper is the right sweeper for me...again, need I mention that I don't have carpet? But the Dyson, in all it's British glory, has attachments, doesn't it? I'm tired of using my shop vac in the house. And then along came the brand Method, and when I realized it was biodegradable and earth-friendly, sold at Target with great design, it was mine for the taking.

Just recently Method came out with the oMop, very Swiffer-like but in a way that makes Mother Earth smile. Spray wood cleaner on the floor and wipe up with the microfiber cloth? Sounds good to me. Wash the cloth with water, wring it out and hang dry? I love reusable (big fan of Tupperware). It has an ergonomic design? I'm tall and I hate hunching over, I'm in. It's trendy looking? I like trendy. It's $25? I can't afford that right now, so I'll wait until I get a gift card and instead of buying a book, CD's, DVD's -- I'll buy a cleaning product! Stop me now!

And on my first afternoon of cancelled practice, I came rushing home with my new oMop and went to town on the kitchen and living room floors.

But don't let me stop there. I also bought a new-fangled scrubber with a long rod to make cleaning the shower easier...