Snow Day(s)

Rumor has it that my superintendent is from Alaska. This isn't true, but whenever snow falls, my students pray that there will be a snow day. When they come to school the next day, completely bummed, they blame how the superintendent is from Alaska and that she drives a Hummer. So, according to their small pools of knowledge, if the superintendent can make it to work -- then dammit, we all must go!

Part of our pay in the district is a fresh set of snow tires every year. I slap those puppies on my VW Beetle and we have more attitude than Herby. Along with the new snow tires, we get snow pants when we sign the contract. Along with "dazzling" our principals, we're told to never hold our breaths for snow days -- because with the snow tires and snow pants, we can make it to work with ease, just like our Alaskan superintendent.

Since we can all make it to work...the students must come too. They need to get on the bus, which is like a frozen Twinkie of death on the snowy streets, and get learned.

This felt like the case last week when the snow we had, along with the subzero frigid temperature, allowed every other school in the area to have a two-hour delay, but not our district. No, we had to drag ourselves out of bed, land on the dog in the dark, and drive through the streets. I would understand if we DID get tires and snow pants, but without those, my Beetle is like a roller skate in the snow.

But ever-so-often a snow storm comes and it's immense craziness allows us to get not just one, but two days off from school.