I Suck At Picking Christmas Music

"Bills, bills bills," quietly laughs to himself, "telephone bills. Oh, it's a letter from my girl! I'm gonna open this now."

Sprinkling music...

"Dear Usher...I miss you and want you this holiday season."

And the Usher songs goes on with bad dialogue for one minute before there's any music. This is just one of the songs in my collection of holiday music. No matter what kind of music I download, what CD I buy, who sings it, the Christmas music is bound to be ghastly.

Steph just wants to listen to it because it is so awful. Her favorite are the many poor renditions of "O Holy Night."

Nobody can reach that high note.

There's a newer artist out there named Sufjan Stevens, and although his folk-rock music is good, his 5 CD Christmas Set isn't. Steph was in shock that most of the songs weren't even Christmas songs and the true Christmas songs sounded like they were being made fun of.

It was my last chance to prove I did have taste.

"How can someone with taste in music not be able to pick out Christmas music?" is her general question. I enjoy so many genres of music that it saddens me to no end that I cannot pick out anything Christmasy.

I can recognize good Christmas music if someone else plays it, but if I picked it up -- it's like listening to the slaughtering of a pig.

Just hope a random gift to you isn't a Christmas compilation CD from me.