Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Meredith Verara hosting the Macy's Day Parade is probably lowering the ratings of the show.

As it rains down on the New York streets with 41 degree temperatures, Verara's commentary pours pure boredom to the audio of the Parade.

Once you hit a certain age, the magic of commentators dies when we realize they are reading from a scrolling marquee. And nobody I have listened to pours down boring commentary like Verara.

Do we miss Kate Couric, or what?

Even Anne Curry would've added some spontaneity.

Thank God Al came in to save some of the ratings.

The only part of the Macy's Day Parade that makes it worth-while are all the odd facts about the floats. "Scooby's the size of Godzilla and it would take a Scooby snack the size of a 70 inch flat screen..."

Because when you watch, they comment on the musical artist that you look forward to and then after fifteen commercial breaks, that musical artist finally shows up and we've already eaten Thanksgiving dinner.

Plus, there's a blur on the camera from the rain, so every time someone gets caught in that certain spot, it's like the camera is fuzzing out something one of the Lily Pad dancers from the Animal Planet float is doing. Something obscene. Something really dirty.

You dirty Lily Pad! Quit flashing the camera.

And then Verara chimes in, full of awful monotone: "It's the size...blah blah blah...of the spaceship that landed on the ... blah blah blah ... and when the M&M guys sail down the ... blah blah blah ... You can really see ... blah blah blah..."

If we wanted drama, I'm curious what it'd be like with Star Jones.

But I gotta go...

The Mr. Potatohead float is running down the street!