Is the Appendix Unworthy?

Someone showed me how to view how many people visited my Appendix.

Not the appendix inside of me, stupid.

This blog here that nobody reads.

Sadly, there have been more hits on the Ball State Journalism Workshops blog then my own work here. Even someone from Holland has visited the above page...

Not to drag that blog space down with me...I worked on its content as well...

But why hasn't someone from another country visited the "My Bucket of Parts" Appendix?

Probably because of this.

It just proves people don't read anymore.

Of course I've gone over my head. This whole blog-thing was something I tried to avoid at all costs. One of those trends that I didn't want to get caught up in.

Then, after realizing the chance I had to make "My Bucket of Parts" more adult-oriented, I logged onto Xanga and zoom, there I was, posting humor columns I knew I couldn't get away with in the campus paper.

After picking up a semester gig at the local high school, I decided to join the creative writing club. One day, while we were all sharing our "talent", I decided to print a couple of my humor pieces off. The high school students loved them, knew that I kept them posted on the blog Web site Xanga and asked what my user name was. I gave them my name -- allowing them all equal opportunity to look at all my content.

Then I paused, dropped to my knees and let out a horrific scream of terror! It was never meant for their eyes, only for the eyes I deamed worthy.

(The reason teachers shouldn't have a MySpace.)

Later that night, realizing my conundrum, I switched all my information and writing to another blog site. I did not want to realize the horror the would ensue if I kept my old site.

And while I have my own personal Web site now, I still keep this thing called a "blog." Stupid writings and ramblings about everyday life that no one will ever deem interesting.

And not that I don't find my writing and photography for the workshop I was at interesting -- I just expect a little more from Holland or any other country to at least click on The Appendix.