Being Around People My Age

I am currently getting ready for a gathering.

People my age will be at my house and we will talk about things that are ridiculous, still be adult, but retreat to our minds where our humors are most absurd.

The most adult topic that will come up is an upcoming wedding. Everything else will lack intelligence...sort of.

No one needed to tell me that it would be difficult as we get older to hold friendships with people. It is even harder to find people who are in a similar state of mind and close-by.

Working. Childless. Free, with a certain amount of restrictions. In a driveable distance.

It is rare that I am around people who fit these qualifications. I am around adults who have children my age and decide that it's simply appropriate to talk to me like they are my mother. I am around people who are divorced and thirty. I am around people who are on the verge of having children. I am around people that have school-age children, but still have the college ability to throw back way too many drinks. I work with people that live nowhere close to me, but I get along with them fantastically and wish they were my neighbors. I'm around people who are 70-years-old and need to retire because they teach French and tell me how to do my job.

None of that this weekend.