The Coalition Against Complaining PhD Students

Apparently Steph's PhD class was repremanded today like a bunch of 14-year-olds.

That's supposed to be my job. I work with 14-year-olds.

But somehow 25-year-olds and older needed a verbal spanking from the department.

It's one of those situations where it would have been more professional had the professors pulled the evil PhD students aside, the poop-smashers, and repremand them in their own indignant fog. Instead, Steph, who is top-notch and as professional as they come, and a few others, had to sit in the stew of anger because a professor came in and stated how they were unprofessional and that it was going to be difficult to find good internships with such behavior.

I've had the pleasure to meet the resident complainers, the resident no-shows and because of them, I'm starting a new coalition to fight for the hard working PhD students in Steph's class so they are not labeled anymore because of those whiney poop stains.

Since the resident complainer has (probably) already contacted one of the professors to say how "unprofessional that was" and throw a hissy fit and spew unneeded rage across the room like vomit (probably blaming the other resident complainer), I've decided to contact each of these horrid students via e-mail -- anonymously.

I will create a new e-mail account and just send hate mail to each one of them, diminishing their spirit, stabbing them in the face with vicious words. will begin a fight against smart people who don't deserve a PhD, to make room for the good eggs, the truly professional students that will get an internship and won't drag down other people by giving professors a reason to play "middle school" and talk to them about how naughty they've been.

Evil PhD students beware.